Rhythmical Mike
is a spoken word artist from Derbyshire. He performs across the UK and has made recent appearances in venues as diverse as YNot festival, Bearded theory, London’s Chill Pill, Sheffield Hallam University, sharing the stage with high profile artists such as Russell Brand, Rizzle Kicks, Hollie McNish and Akala.

As well as poetry performances, Rhythmical Mike regularly runs poetry workshops and recitals for schools, youth centres, charities and more around the country. He spoke at the Telegraph Festival of Education 2017. Rhythmical Mike’s poetry will be featured in a forthcoming publication from Independent Thinking Press, ‘Working Class’ edited by Ian Gilbert. His first collection of poetry is soon to be published “Life’s beautiful game”.

Rhythmical Mike is also a star of YouTube, with poems such as ‘Smile’ and ‘You Got This’ gaining many thousands of hits. His short film of ‘Life’s Beautiful Game’ is winning him admirers across the world.

Heartfelt and honest, Rhythmical Mike’s poetry has a profound ability to inspire and motivate all those who have the chance to listen to his words…
Martin Illingworth, Sheffield Hallam University

Mikey is the living embodiment of the adage to ‘speak quietly but carry a large stick’. With a quiet resolution, he cleverly puts into soft words strong stories of love, life and death to create spoken-word poetry with which he assaults the heart of his mesmerised audience.
Ian Gilbert, award-winning author and editor